Got Kids?

Today, raising happy, healthy, successful kids involves commitment, motivation and (if you’re lucky!) inspiration, and that’s exactly what our Raising Conscious Kids Global Network, Shows & Programs deliver!

Parents, families & schools are called upon to adapt, because…

our kids are:

redcheckmark1More sensitive – look at the increase in food allergies, sensitivities, behavioral “challenges”

redcheckmark1More savvy – technology and social media can add a new dimension to bullying and safety concerns

redcheckmark1Smarter – and now they have to strive to score 2400 on the SAT!

redcheckmark1Have so much more pressure to compete in sports and academics from even earlier ages

redcheckmark1Faced with a remarkably different “dating scene” (What ever happened to dating, anyway?)

redcheckmark1Even as toddlers they seem to have an internal “BS detector” that precludes them from simply accepting what we say as “fact”…which continues to teenage years!

redcheckmark1More STRESSED! Along with this partial list, they also have concerns about weight, sleep challenges and busy schedules

The bottom line is, raising kids today is unique, our kids are different and our society is different. So, we’ve created a place to turn to for…


Let’s join forces and support each other because it takes a village to raise our kids!

Invitation (and my gift to you):

I’m delighted to invite you to join our Raising Conscious Kids Community where you’ll receive Members-Only access including: 

goldstar1Raising Conscious Kids Radio (RCKR) brings together leading authors, visionaries and experts in raising happy, healthy conscious kids and creating successful and nurturing families, schools & communities! You’ll get a quick weekly email programming guide with the upcoming RCKR guest, bio and topic as well as what’s new in our “RCK Goodie Bag!”

goldstar1Your chance to speak “live” with select guests

goldstar1Your opportunity to send in questions for upcoming interviews

goldstar1Your very own “RCK Goodie Bag” which grows weekly and includes Raising Conscious Kids Radio Show archive files to stream and/or download to your personal library

goldstar1Gifts from our generous guests and RCK partners to support you in your desire to create more joy and sustained success in many areas for you and your family

goldstar1RCK Members-only pricing for guest and partner products and services

goldstar1Informational resources and links with relevant info for you, your family & school

goldstar1RCK Gallery of Awesome Kids (see below) and much more…so join us and add your voice, energy and ideas to our RCK Community Membership!

Casting Call:

Calling all budding artists, photographers, videographers, musicians and dancers: We want to showcase you and promote you to the world! Please send your submissions to support@raisingconsciouskids.com.  Thanks!

RCK Gallery of Awesome Kids:


About our Raising Conscious Kids Founder, Kim Primatic (that’s me):

Kim-Primatic-sm Like many of us, having kids totally changed my life, focus and even career in ways I never imagined. I went from developing and supporting computer systems in the corporate world to supporting the corporate men and women themselves, to manage stress and empower themselves and their teams. It didn’t take me long to realize that what truly made my heart sing was to support these men and women in creating happy, healthy successful families and lifestyles! Through the years, it’s brought me great joy to support thousands of folks from around the globe through my radio interviews, RCK Telesummit, virtual and in-person workshops, corporate trainings, coaching, mentoring as well as non-profit work for impactful organizations including Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps! Thank you so much for visiting and I look forward to creating this relationship with you.

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